Sunday, July 2, 2017

Booking for 2018

Just updating this blog including Judy Newman is coming in June 2018...Taking Names for Both of Marg's Workshops for next year first one in April & these Workshops fill up there will be a Waiting List so Pleased still put your name down that's the only way too get your place.
I've also updated my yarn journey blog too Ollie and May Yarns for my New Indie hand dying yarn Shop.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Workshop News.

We have ONE place available for Marg Sampson George workshop on the 8th & 9th APRIL.
let me know if you are Interested...


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Marg Sampson George -April.

Our Next weekend workshop is in April with Marg George, this is a 2 day workshop.
At this stage this weekend is FULL .....BUT if you are interested Please contact me to go onto a waiting list, People do pull out at the last minute.......I do still have 2 places available for Marg's in October...all the info is on the sidebar and the contact form.


Unfortunately the Judy Newman Workshop for March has been Cancelled due too lack of numbers.
Sorry if you were thinking of attending but names need too be down early too avoid this from happening, our tutors have very tight schedules so I don't like to leave them in the lurch it's not fair on them when they have too travel and get projects organized to bring with them.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Workshop Cancellation.

Hello Ladies
I'm sorry too inform you that the Workshops Booked this year with Michele Hill & Jane McDonald have been cancelled.
I have emailed the Ladies that I had emails for, if you didn't get an email from me today that's why.
Thank You for those that did have their name down and for your Interest...

We still have some places available for Judy Newman and Meg Gadsbey.........
Names for Meg's Workshop need too be in by the end of March so the Yarns for the Kits can be dyed.
Thanks Again.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Update on the Workshops for 2017

Unfortunately there have been new rules put into place at the venue where I hold the workshops which require a Min of 10 People for each day of the Workshop meaning both the Saturday & Sunday, atm I have 3 workshops well under this requirement they are.
Judy Newman in March, Michele Hill in June and Jane McDonald of Be Be Bold in August.
If you have been thinking of attending any of these workshops Please let me know, if the numbers are not there by the end of January 2017 for any of the above these workshops they will be cancelled.
It's not only the min requirement being 10, any number under this doesn't cover the cost for me too put on a Great Workshop for You.
Both Workshops for Marg Sampson George are FULL, but if you were wanting too attend Please put your name down as some Ladies have pulled out and the ladies on the waiting list have been able too now take their place.
I am still taking names for the Meg Gadsbey Knitting Weekend, if you have your name down I'll put an update up early next year once our kits are decided with Meg and Petah from DingDyeworks and Simone of Gumblossom Yarns.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Our recent MSG Workshop in Pics.

I'd thought I'd share with you some photo's from our recent Marg Sampson George weekend workshop.
Chris from Tamborine to Tilba came with her Beautiful Pop up Shop.
Chris will be a regular at our Workshops next year.
Marg giving an Applique Lesson.
Kyleigh with her finished Not the Elevens Hall.
Kyleigh and her Elephant Quilt.
Sharon with her Not the Elevens Hall
Sharon and her Take an Element Quilt.
Denise on the right with her Not the Elevens Hall
Denise with her Plain and Fancy.
Denise with Little Tree.
Anne getting guidance from Marg with Borders on her Adam & Eve Quilt,
We will be having Marg back too the Gold Coast twice next year, at this stage both weekends are full, But Please still let me know if you would like to put your name down on the waiting list, life happens and there may be the chance that one of the ladies has too pull out.
Judy Newman is our first Tutor for 2017, we still have at least 6 places still available if you are interested, contact me via the form on the sidebar or on Instagram.
Cheers for now

Saturday, October 15, 2016

2017 is getting closer.

The first Tutor for 2017 will be Judy Newman 25th & 26th March.
This 2 day Workshop has filled up quickly and we only have 6 places available, it's not too early so put your name down if you have been wanting too learn any Applique Techniques from Judy.

Judy is having her first book published next year by Quiltmania we are all so Very Pleased for Judy it will be another Beautiful Publication for another Aussie Designer.
Use the contact form on the sidebar too send me your name.
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