Saturday, December 17, 2016

Update on the Workshops for 2017

Unfortunately there have been new rules put into place at the venue where I hold the workshops which require a Min of 10 People for each day of the Workshop meaning both the Saturday & Sunday, atm I have 3 workshops well under this requirement they are.
Judy Newman in March, Michele Hill in June and Jane McDonald of Be Be Bold in August.
If you have been thinking of attending any of these workshops Please let me know, if the numbers are not there by the end of January 2017 for any of the above these workshops they will be cancelled.
It's not only the min requirement being 10, any number under this doesn't cover the cost for me too put on a Great Workshop for You.
Both Workshops for Marg Sampson George are FULL, but if you were wanting too attend Please put your name down as some Ladies have pulled out and the ladies on the waiting list have been able too now take their place.
I am still taking names for the Meg Gadsbey Knitting Weekend, if you have your name down I'll put an update up early next year once our kits are decided with Meg and Petah from DingDyeworks and Simone of Gumblossom Yarns.

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